Portlink U.S.A. is an IATA accredited international air cargo forwarding company incorporated in California, U.S.A. in 1989. Since our business establishment, we have achieved great confidence from shippers and consignees, both local and overseas, to depend on our expertise and professional ethics to handle their shipments. With affluent practical knowledge and skill capabilities, our specialists administer, arrange, ship, and coordinate customers' global cargo movement activities through various expeditious channels, by air, by land or by ocean. Nevertheless, safety and security during transportation are always highly scrutinized at all times. Our service scope covers nationwide, from east to west, under a single management entity, assuredly we execute daily functions in all aspects under our guided direction and supervision.

Supported by a team of well-trained and knowledgeable working colleagues, we have been consistently offering a unique and total transportation concept to our customers. Equally important, we maintain our superb service level and tender our utmost endeavor to meet clients' special needs. Moreover, we are always delighted and ready to share our experience and erudition in various transportation modes, whether import or export; to cope with customers' inquiries with respect to general and complicated shipping arrangements as well as overseas customs regulations, procedures and specific requirements.

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